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Original Knækbrød
Original Knækbrød
The Baked Dane's

Original Knækbrød

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The Original Knækbrød was the first recipe in our range of gourmet crackers. It's instant huge success at local farmers markets is what started this whole business.  Just like in the old days it is packed with simple ingredients that gets rolled and baked to perfection.

Ingredients: Wheat flour, Sunflower seeds, Flaxseeds, Sesame seeds, Pumpkin seeds, Rolled oats, Olive Oil, Baking powder, Salt and water.

Storage: Store in sealed bag or airtight container for up to six months. Keep out of direct sunlight.

Nutrition Information: 

Servings per package: 8 Serving size: 25 g

Average Quantity per Serving        Average Quantity per 100 g

Energy                         567 kJ                                       2270 kJ

Protein                           3.7 g                                         14.7 g

Fat, total                        9.6 g                                         38.3 g

- saturated                     1.3 g                                           5.2 g

Carbohydrate              8 g                                    31.9 g

- sugars                        0.2 g                                            0.7 g

Dietary fibre                1.5 g                                       5.9 g

Sodium                      259 mg                                       1038 mg

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